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Site Upkeep & Donations

Postby PETROLHEAD » Thu May 03, 2018 9:06 pm

Hello to all current members, and to all new comers, welcome aboard the Classic Alfa Forum.

A brief word on the Forum itself, and its continuing future.

When myself and Kev founded this forum, completely out of our own passion for Classic Alfa's, and their restoration and maintenance, the importance of having like minded folk all in one place to share their own experiences, knowledge, parts sourcing etc was huge priority and massive reason for forming Classic Alfa Forum in the first place.

Like many other members, we came from various alternative forums in the past, and shared many common dislikes amongst them, one of which was joining fee's, and tiered membership status etc.

We knew that to encourage as many people to join as possible, being free of any of these charges, aswell as not being cluttered with adverts, was always going to be very important to us, and here we are some years on, now hundreds of great members, sharing mass's of information, pictures and experiences, and we could not have wished for more, we thank you for all your threads and posts, and know that without great members you certainly don't get a great forum!

We will always remain a forum free of such charges and fee's, that's a fact, and making money from our members could not possibly be further from our agenda and cause, but that said, we do have to consider the background costs.

At several stages of our growing membership, we have been ecstatic to need the hosting site to be increased in size and capabilities, allow more and bigger photo's etc, it is truly great to have the evidence thrust in front of you that things are going well, and that is thanks to all you great members.

Myself and Kev have and always will fund this forum ourselves. We are extremely happy to do so in the future, and it means that we will always have control on the forums direction, design, and most importantly responding accurately to its members needs and wishes without hesitation.

We have both been approached by members in the past, with idea's and offers of funding and assisting with the background costs, and whilst we think its an incredibly generous offer, i think its fair to say that we have both been overwhelmed a little by it, and shy'd away from the conversation, but we do think that in order to irrefutably guarantee the continuing success, growth, and development of the forum, we could now accept anonymous donations.

We are NOT asking or requesting for donations or contributions, but simply making it possible for those who really do want to assist, can do so, and we won't have to awkwardly refuse folk that simply are genuinely want to help.

So, to that end, if anyone would wish to contribute towards the forum costs and development, they can do, completely anonymously to other members of course, although it would be likely that myself or Kev would recognise the funds source from names or email address's when receiving a donation.

Donations can currently be made by Paypal, to the following email address

If anyone would rather use a different method, then please simply email me at that same address and i will send bank details across to receive donations to.

This is not mandatory or a request in any way shape or form, and it is not intended to make any profit. If donations reach a level where they exceed the sites maintenance and improvement costs, we will seek to use any extra funds to benefit all members in other ways or returns.

Enormous Thanks in Advance to all members, contributors and donaters, you guy's and gells are why we are here in the first place, and long may it continue as the best Classic Alfa Forum :D

Shrew, Kev

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Re: Site Upkeep & Donations

Postby KevJTD » Thu May 03, 2018 9:41 pm

Just to add to that, it's not in any way meant that everyone should feel guilty and get their wallet out!
As Shrew says, our intention at the start when we discussed the possibility of building a forum was to make it as easily accessible to all without the feeling that we needed to make it value for money for paying members.
The fact that I haven't had to alter or moderate on a single post in all that time is testament to you guys for making the forum the success it has been so far, long may it continue!

So if you do feel that we have given you something and feel the value of the forum is worth a few quid to you then fantastic, we'd gratefully recieve any donations. Even if it's just been giving some advice that's saved you trawling through random garages wasting money there, or finding an elusive part, every little thing makes for a succesful forum.

The costs of running the forum we both agreed to cover, that won't change.
I have been advised by more than one member that we ought to be charging for membership rather than continuing to pay out of our own pockets but we both feel that would be going against the grain of what we have set out to achieve. I personally feel that would put off new members coming on board, I'm pretty sure Shrew would agree that's something we don't want to happen.
Having said that there are monthly costs which are increasing as popularity increases. Not astronomical but costs nonetheless.

So whilst we both would I'm sure have been happy enough to keep bumbling along with things as they are I think this is the best solution, if anyone feels the urge to contribute then that would be most gratefully appreciated, although it does feel a tad embarrasing to even mention money when we do get as much enjoyment from the forums' success as you guys get from using it.

So there we have it.
Donations will remain private simply to prevent the "I paid but that tight wad hasn't" type of scenario
The voluntary nature I think helps promote that.

Long may the forum continue, which it will if either of us have got anything to do with it ;)

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Re: Site Upkeep & Donations

Postby PETROLHEAD » Thu May 03, 2018 9:54 pm

I think that's what i should have wrote! :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Re: Site Upkeep & Donations

Postby Fiatchris » Tue May 08, 2018 7:33 am

Morning all, fully on board with this! This site has saved me a FORTUNE, in contacts, bargain deals, advice and even selling a car.
Keep up the good work! Chris
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Re: Site Upkeep & Donations

Postby junior » Tue May 08, 2018 9:38 pm

Not so much the money, but the advice has saved me so much aggravation and time that

I think its a brilliant site. Many thanks and your right to do this.
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