Now here's an interesting something...

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Now here's an interesting something...

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I was messing about with a spare Subaru engine and found something interesting, though not terribly useful to me (it's Busso or Bust for me).

Below shows a picture of a Subaru 3.0 H6 24v engine. So what. But look closely at what's attached to the crankshaft - an Alfetta / 75 flywheel; it bolts straight on! Admittedly the flywheel cover would need a little work to make it fit and you'd have to find some way of mounting the starter as well as finding some way to move the engine mounts from underneath the block, but that'd make one helluva interesting project...

Said engine is mostly aluminium so weighs slightly less than the Busso, and since it's much flatter it'd have a lower centre of gravity giving handling closer to a twinspark than a v6, and because it's 24v with vvt it pushes out 240bhp / 297nm normally aspirated, so roughly the same as a 3.2 24v Busso. Just imagine how a 75 / gtv would fly round the track with one of these beasties under the bonnet, especially if you added a supercharger.


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