Sprint on Ebay.

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Sud 145
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Sprint on Ebay.

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Re: Sprint on Ebay.

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Wow, there's a pretty thing :)

Wouldn't have thought spending most of it's life on the Isle of Wight (i.e. never more than 5 miles from salt water spray) would have done terribly much for it's rust resistance though...

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Re: Sprint on Ebay.

Post by Veesix75 »

Amazing that they turn up still like this.

It looks in good shape, but hard to tell from the photos.

Very nice.

Pete Jennings
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Re: Sprint on Ebay.

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I know this car, as I live in the isle of Wight, and I knew the previous owner.... or at least the guy who owned it around 1990.... back in the day it was always quite rust free but had a damaged rear quarter.... a bus drove into it in Newport high street.
Also it was Rodneys daily car...he lived in Wootton and commuted to cowes.... Bearing in mind he owned it for atleast 10 years.... I find 20k genuine mileage very un likely...

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